Friday, May 24, 2013

MLB Friday Funnies: GIF of the week!

MLB GIF of the Week

We're trying to make baseball a bit more fun on this blog, instead of boring recaps.  Today, we salute you, Cleveland bat boy, who gives minimal effort to get out of the way of Ryan Raburn in today's Friday Funny gif of the Week.

Now that I've spent the better part of my adult life in an office or cubicle rather than a classroom, I can empathize with the white collar workers who sit around on their asses and procrastinate on the internet all day go the extra mile and overachieve to reach the parameters of success in their chosen field.  

But even if you've got one of the best jobs in the world, it can be tempting to take a day off.  My idea of the best job in the world would be described as something like the bat boys/girls who sit  in outfield foul territory on a stool and wait for a stray ball to come by.

Seriously?  Front row seats to all the home games.  You get maybe a maximum, three, four balls hit to you a game on average.  And you get a cool-ass uniform.  All you would need is a beer in hand to make it a dream job even for grown men.  

I've watched enough Baseball Tonight highlights to know that whoever the HR managers are for Major League baseball teams may need to start taking such applications a bit more seriously.  I mean...

None of these ballpersons ever seem even remotely athletic enough to field a grounder goign slower than Adam Dunn.  They never pick me to throw a foul ball to and could teams start giving these people gloves that fit for godssake?   

But I, for one, applaud the young man at the Cleveland Indian's game this week, who takes the term "giving minimal effort" and puts a new height to underachieving.  We salute you, young Prince Fielder imitator, in today's Full Count GIF of the Week.

Let's break it down.  [if GIFs don't appear, click them and they'll work]

Thursday night, Jhonny Peralta's line drive off down the first base line approaches the ball boy's perch in the outfield.

(QUESTION: Why was he stationed that far back?  BETTER QUESTION: Why do they even have any dude chilling there in Progressive Field at all, one of the ball parks notorious for the little foul ball territory to be screwed with)

As the ball streaks toward him, outfielder Ryan Raburn heads to the corner to pick it up and fire it back in play.  The ball boy's effort basically consisted of picking up his stool and taking three steps to his right.  Awesome.

Congrats Cleveland Indians ballboy.  You will never see this, but let it be known that us slackers around the country are raising our glasses to toast your long as they're not so far across the bar that we have to stand up.  

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