MLB 2013 Team Previews

Ahhhh Spring Training!  

There is simply no other feeling in sports when the words "pitchers and catchers report" appear in the morning headlines or echo on the local sports news, bringing relief and joy to baseball fans after a cold, depressing winter that has been void of the world's perfect game.  

For a few precious months at the turn of the February to March, nothing else matters. In spring training, last year's hundred loss season, the last place finish, a heartbreaking wildcard push, a disastrous World Series showing is all pushed out the door and forgotten.  We are all contenders during spring.  

And nothing brings hope like spring training.  Whether your club trains in the Arizona deserts or the palms of Florida, for a few precious weeks your eternal hope shines as bright as the southern skies.  World Series dreams are rampant.  Pennant wishes need no answers.  This is Spring, I am a ________ fan and in 2013, my team WILL WIN IT ALL!

And then we come in.  Here at The Full Count we will try to help tamper Blue Jays fans lofty expectations, provide relief to Astros miserable fans, and shut Yankees fans up.  And the like.  

Check out our season previews and see how we think your favorite team will finish.  Rejoice if you agree, hate us if you don't.  And send hate mail.  We love hate mail.  

NL East

Miami Marlins 2013 Preview
New York Mets 2013 Preview
Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Preview

Atlanta Braves 2013 Preview 
Washington Nationals 2013 Preview

NL Central

Chicago Cubs 2013 Preview
Milwaukee Brewers 2013 Preview
St. Louis Cardinals 2013 Preview
Pittsburgh Pirates 2013 Preview
Cincinnati Reds 2013 Preview

NL West

Colorado Rockies 2013 Preview
San Diego Padres 2013 Preview
Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 Preview
Los Angeles Dodgers 2013 Preview

AL East

Boston Red Sox 2013 Preview
Baltimore Orioles 2013 Preview
New York Yankees 2013 Preview
Tampa Bay Rays 2013 Preview
Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Preview

AL Central 

Minnesota Twins 2013 Preview
Cleveland Indians 2013 Preview
Chicago White Sox 2013 Preview
Kansas City Royals 2013 Preview
Detroit Tigers 2013 Preview

AL West

Houston Astros 2013 Preview
Seattle Mariners 2013 Preview 
Oakland Athletics 2013 Preview
Texas Rangers 2013 Preview
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2013 Preview