Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BREAKING: Suspensions and Trades

Despite the title, it's not the goal of this blog to report breaking news.  We all have jobs and there's literally thousands of  different MLB websites for that stuff.  Sure, I could go on a three hour lunch break before the 4 pm deadline and just stay on Twitter....or I could just provide a few of the websites we are all following today as we wait to see which stunningly awful brilliantly helpful trades your team accomplishes today.

A few websites I'm going to be reading the entire day.

MLB Trade Rumors - The Holy Grail of baseball trade news, this site has everything from major blockbuster rumors to which minor league players are shuffling from team to team under the radar.  An absolute must today. 

MLB YardBarker - Do you like to read?  Do you have lots of downtime?  Then you need to catch Yardbarker.  You can narrow down you news to a specific team and get all the post-trade analysis pretty quickly after the trade actually happens.  A good website to get you fired.  

Fangraphs - The biggest time-waster in the office since YouTube was invented, fortunately the web blockers here can't catch this baseball-fanatic's online paradise.  Today they've got a live blog going on the whole day.  You'll want to catch that for sure.  

MLB Daily DIsh - The SB Nation version of Yard Barker. Usually SB Nation is hit or miss with their blogs but I like the idea of mainly amateur "journalists" using blogging to give us a fresh perspective.  They can say pretty much whatever they want.  Kind of like us.

Players are going to get suspended. Only A-Rod will appeal. This makes me sad. Stayed tuned. Suspensions happening very, very soon.

Other things that happened yesterday...

Peavy / Iglesias / Garcia -- Red Sox / Tigers / White Sox
Don't like this at all as a Tigers fan.  Not so much because I'm not a fan of Jose Iglesias, but the fact that we had to give a inter-division rival our second best prospect because our starting shortstop wanted to do PEDs.  Not happy at all.  #trustDD

Alberto Callaspo / Grant Green -- Athletics / Angels
Only someone like Billy Beane could make me excited about swapping utility players

Marc Rzepczynski / PTNL -- Indians / Cardinals
Does anyone care about the Indians? No? Okay moving on.

Cubs and Russell, Schiertholtz 
I'd expect Theo and Jed to find a way to move these guys but times is running out.

Yasiel Puig, you are officially not the most entertaining player on the team.

Happy Trading Deadline Day everyone. Only a few more hours to go!