Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trading Deadline Winners and Losers


They got most of their business done before the deadline with the Garza and Feldman deals.  They got a good return in both, especially the Garza deal.  I would have liked to see them move Kevin Gregg for sure, but I don't mind keeping DeJesus, Schierholtz, Russell, and Navarro if the deals weren't right.

Red Sox
They traded Jose Iglesias and 3 virtual non-prospects for Jake Peavy, enough said.

I liked the Kennedy deal from their end.  They traded from a position of strength and got back a solid left-handed reliever, a good relief prospect, and a draft pick.  I count this as a win for Kevin Towers against his former team.

While they didn't acquire a bat in anticipation of the Cruz suspension, they aimed big with names like Giancarlo Stanton, Carlos Gonzalez, Edwin Encarnacion, and Jose Bautista, they were able to get rotation depth with a guy like Matt Garza.  He already has 2 good starts for them and should definitely help in the playoff run.  A lot of people think they needed to get a bat, but with guys like Feliz, Harrison, and Colby Lewis coming back, their pitching now might be good enough to lead a team that already has a pretty decent offense

Getting Frankie Rodriguez definitely helps the back end of the bullpen and they acquired two steady starting pitchers in Scott Feldman and Bud Norris.  I like the guys they got and the fact they didn't have to give up Gausman, Bundy, Schoop, or Eduardo Rodriguez.

They got a couple of solid prospects in return for Bud Norris, and they got a very good arm in return for Jason Maxwell, which no one saw coming.  The Astros probably could have sold off a couple more pieces, but I like what they did on deadline day.


I hated the Avisail Garcia trade for the Tigers.  Regardless of a Peralta suspension looming, they traded a top 100 prospect for Jose Iglesias, a wizard with the glove who is a well below average hitter.  While Iglesias started hot, he has already started the regression and the Tigers simply gave up way too much for him.  Many people praise their ability to get Iglesias with the Peralta suspension coming, but if you want a good glove and a light bat, guys like Brendan Ryan and Pedro Florimon could have been had for next to nothing and Ronny Cedeno is floating around there as a free agent.  I like getting Iglesias, I just hate the price the Tigers paid.

Mets/Mariners/Marlins/Giants/Blue Jays/Rockies/Twins
These are the sellers that should have sold more.  Marlon Byrd, Michael Morse, Raul Ibanez, Oliver Perez, Tom Wilhemsen, Ryan Dunn, Chad Qualls, Steve Cishek, Justin Ruggiano, Javier Lopez, Hunter Pence, Emilio Bonifacio, Josh Outman, and many others are just some of the names that should have been on the move.  The relutance to sell by teams like this is the reason that there were so few deals at the deadline.

This team is confused.  They should've definitely traded Chase Utley to a team like the Royals, but instead it's looking like they're going to extend him.  Seriously considering trading Cliff Lee also would have made a ton of sense.

The Indians are competing with the Tigers, and although the pitching staff has surprised, they could have used another starter in case any of theirs start to regress.

The Pirates should have gone all-in, and despite the best record in baseball, they needed to find a lefty bat in right field and possibly a starter or bullpen arm.  The NL Central is tough and this team can't afford another late season slide.

If they were truly buyers, they needed to get better in right field and at second base.  Jason Maxwell is an okay platoon guy, but they overpaid for him and he was the only upgrade they made.  They just didn't really get any better, especially not enough to compete with the Tigers.

They Did OK

Ian Kennedy definitely makes the rotation better, but he's a back end kind of guy.  It does improve the team for 2014 and 2015 though while just giving up a couple relievers and a draft pick.

White Sox
Trading Peavy and getting the Red Sox to assume his whole salary was a good move.  Not to mention they got Avisail Garcia in the trade, but they still should have moved at least Alexei Ramirez and Alex Rios.  Also, I expected them to get more in a deal for Peavy.

Jesse Crain on a conditional type deal was a nice move, but they Rays could use another bat and possible some more bullpen help.

Soriano was a nice add given the need for a right handed power bat, but I would have liked to see them move a guy like Phil Hughes.

Getting Nicky Delmonico for Francisco Rodriguez was a good move, but this team needed to sell off more pieces to get the winner tag from me.

They started the salary dump with Callaspo, but I feel this team could have done more to put themselves in a position to win next year.

Picking up Alberto Callaspo for Grant Green was a nice move, but they probably could have used another starter.

Who's Left

Reds/Cardinals/Nationals/Braves/ Dodgers

These teams all could have made moves, but there was probably nothing out there that made any sense.