Friday, August 2, 2013

MLB Friday Funnies: GIF of the Week

Chad Qualls physically trolls himself

Do you remember that guy who would do a bat flip after hitting a home run while his team was getting mercy-ruled?  Did you ever wish that he would just trip on second base and fall on his face.  And then did you wish someone was recording it and uploaded it on YouTube and it would go viral?  

Chad Qualls, pitching for the last place Miami Marlins against the next-to-last place New York Mets, decided that he was going to go all "Carlos Zambrano" fist pump after escaping a jam in the eighth inning on Tuesday night.

A couple of things wrong with this:

  1. You are not in a game that warrants a fist-pump.  A Marlins-Mets matchup?  The battle for fourth place in the NL East isn't that exciting.
  2.  You are Chad Qualls.  You are with your eighth team in ten years.  
  3. You are pitching in front of, like, 800 people. 
  4. Baseball gods don't like that . This will happen....

That's what you get, dude.  Attention all journeyman middle relievers that play for last-place teams.  DO NOT TRY TO FIST PUMP.

When you're in first place and pitching in a pennant race, go ahead and cartwheel off the mound.  But until then, just trot back to the dugout.  #QuallsFalls provides a learning moment.

One more time... (via @MetsKevin11

And then we're reminded that this isn't even Chad Qualls most epic fall...

And since I know all of y'all are too lazy to click the link....

Apparently this guy's balance isn't the best.  I doubt this will be the last time we see him on Sportcenter's Not-So-Top-Ten as long as he keeps angering the baseball gods by pretending that the Marlins are more important than they are: which is not important at all.

And honestly, I don't care how many World Series the Marlins have had in the last twenty years.  They will always be irrelevant to me.  If any of the two hundred Marlin's fans left takes offense to that, well, okay.  But if Chad Qualls keeps pitching, we'll always have this to potentially look forward to.  Might as well trade him now Jeffrey Loria....