Friday, October 26, 2012


Welcome to The Full Count, your source for all things baseball

As a result of knowing way too much and talking way too much about baseball, Wade and I decided to start this blog to share our opinions with the world, instead of just arguing back and forth with each other.  Starting Monday and going through the middle of December we will be reviewing the 2012 MLB season, team by team.  I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment and share with your friends!!  If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to share them.  And now for a little background on the 2 of us:

Tommy Meyers-National League Blogger
I am currently a student getting an MBA from Loyola University Chicago with a concentration in sport management.  I graduated from Concordia University Chicago in 2010, where I got a degree in sport management and marketing and pitched for the baseball team for 4 years.  I currently reside in Skokie, Illinois.

Wade Arthur-American League Blogger
Wade is currently working as a senior accountant.  He graduated from Concordia University Chicago in 2010 as well, where he received his degree in accounting and sport management while playing 2nd base on the baseball team for 2 years.  He resides in Schaumburg, Illinois with his wife.

Next week's schedule:
Monday October 29th-Houston Astros
Tuesday October 30th-Chicago Cubs
Thursday November 1st-Minnesota Twins
Friday November 2nd-Colorado Rockies