Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daily Hot Stove Wrap Up 11/25

Quote of the Day:

""There is no discussion whatsoever about Alex transitioning from third base to DH, part-time DH, first base or any other position on the field,"
Yankees GM Brian Cashman on A-Rod's future.  

Welcome back baseball fans, consider yesterday my "off day" from this "job."  And by job, I mean, hobby.  And by off day, I mean I was probably like most of you and watching some great college football games.  But back to the best sport, baseball, here's your short hot stove update for Sunday, November 25.  

Nothing really of note over a slow Thanksgiving Weekend to mention.  I'll give a full update tomorrow but today, I'll list the top free agents (in no particular order) still remaining if you were wondering who's left and who might be a good fit for your favorite ballclub.  

  • Mike Napoli, C/1B/DH
Masher, mediocre defender that has had a pretty productive last couple of seasons for the Rangers.  I wouldn't expect him to be a catcher much longer for whatever club he signs. 
  • Josh Hamilton, OF
The crown jewel of this year's free agent class.  A perennial MVP candidate that would instantly transform any team that signs him, Hamilton is still not free of concerns as he struggled badly in the second half of the season, including a weird session where he complained about caffeine.  Also his age and past history with substance abuse including several relapses make him a risky long-term signing.  Still, any MLB team would love making that risk should their budget allow for it.  
  • Zack Greinke, SP
Undoubtedly the best starting pitcher of this class, Greinke would make a contender a favorite, a fringe team a contender, and a poor team watchable.  Expect him to set the market for other free agent starters should he sign first.  
  • Anibal Sanchez, SP
Inconsistency has plagued him throughout his career, but still only 28 and has electric stuff.  Did a fine job down the home stretch for the Tigers and if the postseason was considered his free agent audition, he nailed it.  
  • B.J. Upton, OF
Still young, still inconsisent with the bat.  Still an outfielder that GM's are salivating over.  Consider Upton the best "talent" still available in a crowded outfield free agent market.  
  • Michael Bourne, OF
Fast as hell, gets on base, plays pretty good defense in the outfield.  A team looking for a pace-setter/catalyst type at the top of their order should have Bourne on their shortlist of free agents to sign.  
  • Nick Swisher, OF
Tough as nails, scrappy,cocky and brash.  A former Billy Beane favorite and versatile.  However, getting older and like, really, really sucked in the field during the Yankees disappointing finish may have hurt his stock as he's sure not to get his original asking price.  Still, would probably be an upgrade for most teams in RF.  
  • Kyle Lohse, SP
Servicable starter may be a product of Dave Duncan coaching in St. Louis for his career resurrection.  Buyer beware.  
  • Ryan Madson, RP
Injuries have plagued him recently but was a dominant reliever before.  Could be a bargain price for a team looking to upgrade the backend of their bullpen.  
  • Edwin Jackson, SP
Trying to break Reggie Sander's record for most teams played with.  Still in late 20s, with stuff that can glow in the dark.  Consistency is the biggest issue and could thrive with the right coaching, in the right situation.  
  • Dan Haren, SP
Former All-Star but injuries are a question.  Could be a low risk, high reward signing for a team looking for a back of the rotation starter.  

That's about enough for today.  I'm going to pound a beer and take a nap.  Until tomorrow, baseball freaks.  I'm out.