Monday, November 26, 2012

Daily Hot Stove Wrap Up 11/26

Here is what Chris has for you all today, Monday November 26th

Quote of the Day:"Evan has all of the attributes we seek in a player,"-- Andrew Friedman, Executive VP of Baseball Operations for the Tampa Bay Rays.

It's Monday which is my 7th favorite weekday.  Fortunately there was plenty of baseball news over the weekend for today's Hot Stove Update, which I'll try to post at evening so that you guys can catch it after work, instead of when you're about to get out of work.  Hopefully it makes it easier to SHARE, but I won't force anyone to do it if my writing is garbage, which it probably is.

  Here's your Hot Stove Daily Update, enjoy.
  • Like Wade mentioned this morning, Evan Longoria has become a much richer individual as he and the Rays have agreed to an extension that adds 6 years and over $100 million to his existing contract.  I'd figure out exactly how much money, but it makes me sick.  For now, we'll have to wait and see if Longoria lives up to his end of the bargain, but I wouldn't be complaining too much if I were him.
  • The Red Sox are rumored to be having serious talks with Mike Napoli.  The free agent catcher/1B/DH has a big bat but just because he's listed as a "three position player" doesn't exactly mean he's the most versatile defender.  I'd expect the two sides to hammer out an agreement by the end of this week, though it's still possible that Texas might jump back in the conversation, depending on how their talks with Hamilton are going.
  • Speaking of Josh Hamilton, the free agent is reportedly asking for a lot of money...don't expect him to get everything he wants.  Most executives think that Hamilton would get money in the range of $25 million a year if he asks for something in the range of 4 years. 
  •  If you had asked me at the beginning of the season, I would have expected the Rangers to be the favorite to sign Hamilton but now the word around the league is that it's anyone's guess.  The Brewers could be serious contenders but a long-term contract is scaring them off.  Still it's fun to dream about a lineup with Ryan Braun, Hamilton, and Aramis Ramirez in the middle...unless you're a pitcher for an NL Central team.  Then it probably isn't fun to think about that.  
  • The Orioles have also been mentioned as suitors, but don't expect them to be serious contenders.  When the consensus about a free agent is that it's anyone's guess, usually that player ends up re-signing.  I still think at the end of the day, Hamilton will be a Ranger next season.  
  • The Mets have signed LH reliever Tim Byrdak to a minor-league deal.  Byrdak, 39, just underwent surgery in September but has been a reliable situational lefty throughout his career and could have a future with the team's short term plans.  If you're a dad and have a son, make him be a lefty.  It will be a smart investment.
  • Reds may be thinking about moving fireballer reliever Aroldis Chapman to the rotation and if they re-sign Jonathan Broxton, that would make their plans a lot easier.  The two sides were reportedly close to a three year deal but a pitcher like Joakim Soria or Ryan Madson could still be a possibility for the NL Central reigning champs.  
  • The Mets have acquired Brandon Hicks from the As.  Hicks played in 22 games with the Athletics and will be with New York until he becomes really good and then the Mets will likely send him off for cash.  Like they always do.  
  • And finally, please join me in wishing David Freese and Jeff Keppinger speedy recoveries.  Keppinger had a career last year with the Rays and broke his fibia falling down a flight of stairs in a super untimely event.  David Freese was unhurt in a car accident a couple days ago but still, car crashes are scary so hopefully he's mentally okay.   
Hope this made your Monday slightly better, unless you're not a baseball fan in which case I hope it made your Monday even worse.  Until next time fans, I'm out.