Friday, December 21, 2012

Hot Stove Wrap Up -- Apocalypse Edition/Eric's Christmas Wishlist

Quote of the Day:

"I think we have to continue to look..."

-- Twins GM Terry Ryan of his starting rotation that currently sits at Vance Worley, Kevin Correia, Alex Meyer, Mike Pelfrey before signing Rich Harden today.  

If you're all reading this, congratulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse! (though I'm a bit confused if the world was supposed to end at midnight, this midnight, or sometime today).  By the way, does anyone know where Mayan girls are partying tonight, because I've got some great pickup lines.  No?  Okay, so until tomorrow morning, we may not be out of the woods yet, but until the fire and hail rains from the heavens, the Cubs can still win the World Series.  When that happens, expect the world to immediately end for sure.  In other news, "Gangnam Style" just passed 1 billion views.  We are doomed.  

Today's short Hot Stove sees some big moves, Tim Lincecum cuts his locks and Eric M gives his St. Louis Cardinal's Christmas Wish List in a guest reader post!  Enjoy and may you live to see the next apocalypse.  

  • Edwin Jackson joined his seventh team since 2008, signing with the Cubs for four years and $52 million.  It's the largest contract that Jed Hoyer and Theo have made during their time in Chicago.  Jackson has been a reliable innings eater and should fit in nicely with the Cubs-ever-improving starting rotation.  For a complete Full Count Analysis by Tommy, check out this super-convenient hyperlink.     
  •  Ken Rosenthal reports that a Mike Napoli deal is still not official almost 18 days after the two sides came to an agreement, raising questions about his "hip condition."  Rosenthal adds though, that such delays are not uncommon, citing J.D. Drew's 52-day wait in 2006.  Still worth keeping an eye on, however.   
  • If your favorite team is still in need of a starter, Kyle Lohse, Joe Saunders and Shawn Marcum are the top remaining free agent starters left according to MLB Free Agent tracker.  Fans of teams that got Edwin Jackson, Zach Greinke, Hiroki Kuroda, Brandon McCarthy, R.A. Dickey and Anibal Sanchez will now take turns laughing in your face.  
  • The Twins signed SP Rich Harden to a minor-league contract.  Apparently, the Twins think that signing a 31-year-old pitcher who missed all of 2012 recovering from yet another injury will somehow help them compete in the AL Central.  Or you can see the glass half-full and view this as a low risk signing on a pitcher that can be effective when healthy.  Key words: when. healthy.   
  • Speaking of pitchers with health problems, the Pittsburgh Pirates have signed SP Francisco Liriano to a two-year, $14 million contract.  Liriano was lights out during his 2006 rookie campaign, leading the AL in ERA and drawing comparisons to Johan Santana (back when Santana was relevant) but struggled with injuries and mechanics since.  Let's hope the 29-year-old can re-discover his groove in Pittsburgh and thank Good God he's out of the AL Central when it happens.     
  •   A.J. Pierzynski will head down south, agreeing to a one-year, $7.5 million contract with the Texas Rangers.  Let's see how long it will take before White Sox players start talking s*** about him.  
  • And Tim Lincecum's hair is officially gone.   See below:

And just to prove that is not some hipster-looking kid in San Francisco (a mistake many have made).  Here's the Tweet to prove it.  And some following Tweets to confirm it.  And one more.

What will the next MLB player do to drastically alter his look?  Everyone slowly [brian wilson's beard...Brian Wilson's Beard...Brian WILSON'S BEARD...BRIAN WILSON'S BEARD!!!] 

 And now...

My Christmas Wishlist (All I Want for Christmas is...)

 Yesterday, we all got a look at my Christmas Wishlist, now today is our special guest, Eric M. who shares what he wants for his "baseball Christmas."  

Eric lives in Springfield, Missouri and the only thing that Eric cherishes more than a good slice of bacon is the St. Louis Cardinals.  Personally, I don't think Eric deserves anything for Christmas since he's been spoiled with not one, but two World Series titles in the last ten years.  But we're letting him wish anyway and I would like to personally thank him for sharing his thoughts and wishes this long, cold baseball off-season.  Take it away Eric.  

All Eric M (from Springfield, Missouri) wants for Christmas is...

"I can't speak (and don't want to) for all of Cardinals nation, and won't imagine what the front office wants, but what *I* as a Cardinals fan would really like, is a decent second baseman. I don't want to pursue a premiere 2b, I just want someone with some Big League experience at the spot, preferably a guy with several years of service and some leadership experience. 

Doesn't have to have a remarkable glove, but be top-side-of-average fielding, I can forgive bottom-side-of-average hitting... speed would be a HUGE bonus. $2-$4 million range. I was contemplating like a Chone Figgins type for a while but I don't really see that happening.

I'd also like it if Matheny were to wake up Christmas morning and find some gumption in his stocking, because he should have been a LOT feistier this year. That's really neither here nor there, but there were times when it was obviously demoralizing the team. No bueno."

-- Eric M. 

Thank you so much for sharing Eric.  I hope you get your second baseman and Matheny gets his gumption.  Until we meet in the World Series and you curb stop my Tiger's again.  

And if you want to share your Holiday Wishlist, again, e-mail me at and I'll put it up.  Tomorrow, we'll have Jim R, a Cubs fan from Houston share what he wants for Christmas, which is probably a heck of a lot different than Eric's.  

Until tomorrow baseball freaks, I'm out.