Friday, June 14, 2013

MLB Friday Funnies: GIF of the Week

Marcell Ozuna trolls the @#$%^ out of Will Venable

The lights can make judging flyballs tricky in any park, but Miami outfielder Marcell Ozuna took it to a whole new level last month.  

Seven days into his big league career in PetCo Park, Ozuna just couldn't find it.  

It starts with Will Venable's deep flyball to right field.  

Immediately we notice that Ozuna is having trouble finding the ball.  Given that San Diego experiences sunshine almost 24 hours, 365 days a year, you can hardly fault him...but this is actually a night game.  

Ozuna waves for help, as if to say, "Where the hell is it!?"  At this point he has trolled the announcers, the cameraman and everyone in the stadium except for the fans in the rightfield bleachers.  

But the ball then deposits about 30 feet behind him for a home run.  Let get a close up view of Ozunas reaction to losing Venable's deep fly....

Ozuna looks more like me whenever the Astros girls at Minute Maid Park are tossing out free t-shirts that I know I'll never wear.  I give them to the Salvation Army so I like to feel that I'm helping some underprivileged person in Houston re-discover their passion for the home baseball team.  Just don't watch them actually play until at least 2016.   I'm not quite sure what Ozuna's plan is here except maybe this...

Venable gets trolled, the announcers get trolled, the cameraman get trolled.  It's troll time in baseball bitches.  Meanwhile Ozuna has put together a pretty nice season so far even though the Marlins are terrible.  The Padres are not that terrible, but still have some work to catch the Diamondbacks.  At least they're ahead of the Dodgers.  Right?  

Here's the video for all you people who still don't listen when I tell you to click on the pictures if the GIF doesn't work.  Or if you're reading this on a mobile device, which like, congrats on taking another step to being addicted to baseball...

And one more funny thing before we leave for the weekend: the Yasiel Puig drinking game, courtesy of Tommy.  

Happy weekend baseball freaks