Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hot Stove Wrap Up 12/19

Quote of the Day:

''It was an extraordinary privilege for us to be part of his career.  The final chapter has not been written.''

-- Mets GM Sandy Alderson on R.A. Dickey traded to Toronto.

It's a Wednesday and that means that you're getting another weekly edition of the "Rapid Fire Rumor Report" and we'll go over some of the stuff that has happened in the last few days.  There's less than 72 hours until the world ends according to the Mayan Calendar but the Mayans didn't play or watch baseball so how can you really trust anything they say?  I'll also leak a preview of my "Baseball Christmas Wishlist" and other baseball stuff mostly related to RA Dickey.   

Let's get this going!

  • If you haven't heard the news by now, congrats on getting out of the coma.  But before you know anything else you really need to know about the reigning NL Cy Young winner heading north of the border.  The Blue Jays remain the most active, surprising team as they acquire Dickey for catcher John Buck and three prospects.  The Mets also got two catchers.  More on this from Wade and Tommy later I'm sure.  

  • The official deal is R.A. Dickey, C Josh Thole, C Mike Nickeas to Toronto for C Travis d’Arnaud, RHP Noah Syndergaard, C John Buck and OF Wuilmer Beccera.   
  • As part of the deal, Dickey will receive a deal that pays him $30 million dollars over the next three seasons.  He will be 41 when the deal ends, but see Tim Wakefield to see how well knuckleballers can perform in their forties.  And Dickey is better than Wakefield.    
  • Much like Tim Wakefield and his personal catcher Doug Mirabelli, Josh Thole was a big part of the deal.  Knuckleballs are difficult to catch and having a catcher that is used to it will no doubt ease the transition that Dickey will have in the American League East.  
  • Dickey becomes the 4th reigning Cy Young winner to be dealt.  At least one New York writer is disgusted with how the Mets front office treated one of the nicest guys in the majors.   I'm not sure how much is based on rumors but I tend to think that the Mets ruin everything nice in baseball.  You decide your own opinion.   
  • Santiago Casilla agrees to a three-year, $15 million contract.  The Giants wanted to keep him and do and makes it even more likely Brian Wilson will go elsewhere.   
  • The pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona will head to Tampa Bay.  P Roberto Hernandez agree to a deal with the Ray.  Carmona/Hernandez had his best year in 2007 with Cleveland but issues such as injuries, getting his name right on his visa and not being very good at baseball contributed to recent struggles.   
  • The Indians made a hard push for Nick Swisher and the free agent outfielder apparently left with an offer on the table before visiting another team.  Swisher went to school at Ohio State and would be a decent fit in Cleveland in my opinion.  

Wednesday's Rapid Fire Rumor Report

And finally, we look back to the last Rapid Fire Rumor Report in order to see how the Rumors vs. Reality fared.  Last time, Rumors tied Reality 5-5.  Even though we skipped a week, we can still see how things turned out.   

  1. Mark Reynolds drawing interest with teams. Indians, Yankees most likely suitors
    1. Well, Reynolds signed with the Indians so this was accurate.  Rumor 0, Reality 1
  2. Zack Greinke could get more than the $160 million C.C. Sabathia got from the Rangers
    1. He got more than any RHP in history, but didn't come close to topping Sabathia. Rumor 1, Reality 1.
  3. Nationals remain confident they will be able to re-sign Adam LaRoche
    1. Not yet, so... Rumor 2, Reality 1
  4. Indians or Mariners most likely to get Dee Gordon
    1. Also not yet.  Rumor 3, Reality 1
  5. It's down to the Red Sox and Giants for OF Nick Swisher
    1. Pretty bad week for insider "predictions" Rumor 4, Reality 1
  6. Is Emilio Bonifacio available for the taking? 
    1. Rumors taking the cake as Bonifacio stays put. Rumor 5, Reality 1
  7. The Indians want Kevin Youkilis bad and are talking with the free agent. 
    1. Not as bad as the Yankees.  Rumor 6, Reality 1
  8. Justin Upton to Texas?
    1. LOL. Rumor 7, Reality 1
  9. There's talks of a ridiculous four-way trade with the Indians and some other teams involving Asdrubal Cabrera, stay tuned for more on that.
    1. ROFL. Rumor 8, Reality 1 
  10. Would the Brewers trade Corey Hart? Or the Yankees trade Curtis Granderson? Both teams are listening.
    1. LMFAO.  Rumor 9, Reality 1

So that should tell you that just because you see things on MLB Trade Rumors or follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter doesn't mean that it is going to happen.  Rumors kill Reality this week 9-1 and make it 14-6 on the season.  

Now this weeks Rapid Fire Rumor Report, and we'll check back next week on the 26th to see how they fared.  

  1. Andre Ethier on the move?  Or are the Dodgers finally realizing that they spend a lot of money? 
  2. Curtis Granderson still on the trading block? 
  3. Edwin Jackson going to either the Cubs or the Rangers.
  4. Could Cody Ross be the mystery outfielder that the Mets are close to signing?  
  5. The Rangers want AJ Pierzynski bad even though they just resigned Geovany Soto.  Can they make that happen?
  6. Philadelphia talking about Vernon Wells and may actually want Vernon Wells.  
  7. Mariners don't get Josh Hamilton but now do they want Michael Bourne?  
  8. Joel Hanrahan could be on the move as the Pirates looking to move the reliever.  
  9. Tigers listening to calls on Rick Porcello and Drew Smyly.  Good luck with that.  
  10. Marlins must like washed up infielders because they have been linked to Brandon Inge, Miguel Tejada and Placido Polanco.  Good luck with that too.  

Tomorrow we're beginning a short series called, "All I Want for Christmas."  We're inviting you to share what you want for Christmas and we'll share with you.  It can be anything baseball related.  If you're a Yankees fan, it could be an Alex Rodriguez trade.  If you're a Cubs fan it could be to live to see the World Series.  If you're a Rays fan, it could be a new stadium and if you're an Astros fan, it could be a desire not to be in the AL West.  I'll go tomorrow and Wade and Tommy will follow.  But if you're a die-hard baseball fan and want to share a bit of what you'd like to get for Christmas, e-mail me at and I'll be sure to post it.  It should be fun!

Thanks for tuning in baseball freaks.  I'll catch you next time!