Monday, January 28, 2013

Bob Costas eulogy for Stan Musial [VIDEO]

"It is more important to be appreciated than to be glorified."  

Last week, I had a short post for the passing of Stan Musial.  I had a plan to write a lengthier, more fitting post, but couldn't seem to get any sort of creative juices flowing that seemed to do justice for "The Man."

(It was also incredibly time-consuming to research and mention all of Musial's records, feats, and accomplishments.)

Then I was able to watch this clip of Bob Costas' eulogy at Musial's funeral.  It says everything I could never hope to say in written words; a near-perfect reverence to one of the games most graceful gentleman.  

If you have 20 minutes today, I would recommend watching this in it's entirety.