Friday, May 31, 2013

MLB Friday Funnies: GIF of the Week

Andre Ethier shouldn't play center, and Scott Van Slyke gives up:

What does Andre Ethier have to say when the umpire blows a call?


Apparently nothing but the stare of death.  I wonder what he does to Don Mattingly when he's benched?  

And remember, if the gif doesn't show up, just click on it and it should work.  Unless you're out in  Little Spring, Arkansas using a dial-up connection.  

This week, instead of starting in right field or left bench, Andre Ethier found himself in an unfamiliar position of centerfield (his second career start there) with Matt Kemp hitting the disabled list and other options hovering close to below replacement level.  

During the course of the game against their crosstown rival,  Ethier's worst nightmare comes true: the ball heads his direction.  The rightfielder Scott Van Slyke also gives chase.  

With both of those happenings combined, we get today's MLB Gif of the week and today we salute you, Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke for showing all of the budding little leaguers in out families how NOT to play outfield defense.  

You can listen to this music, while you watch: 

Right away we notice a few things:

  1. Andre Ethier is not going to come close to making that catch.
  2. Van Slyke looks like he could make the catch.
So when Van Slyke is in the process of tracking the ball and puts up his glove, he'll attempt to make the catch, right?  Well, lets see the chronology of how things really unfolded...

  1. Van Slyke takes a near perfect route to the wall.
  2. Instead of keeping his glove up, Van Slyke pulls it down.  This is clearly so he can...
  3. Run directly into the wall
  4. Notice that the ball actually hits right above his left shoulder...
  5. a.k.a. exactly where his glove would have been.  Meanwhile Andre Ethier is...
  6. Well too close to the wall.  When you're too close to the wall and the ball karooms off of the wall....
  7. It will bounce past you.  
  8. The ball bounces past Andre Ethier.  

So what we've learned is that:

A. Van Slyke spends too much of his time watching Bryce Harper getting his face smashed in when he hit the wall a few weeks earlier (HERE).  Clown catch attempt bro.  
B.  Andre Ethier should not be playing centerfield.  
C. The Dodgers are not a good team right now.  

They would also lose that game to the Angels to fall further in last place in the NL West.  Not funny for Dodgers fans, but funny for us.  Thanks again, Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke.  We salute you in today's Friday Funnies.  

What do you think Dodgers fans?