Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My All-Star Roster: Wade

Wade's All-Star Roster

It is that time of the year again.  All Star selections have been made and the debating has begun.  Here at the Full Count we love to get into the action and we have decided for each of us to pick our own all star teams.  

So let the debating begin and let us know where we went wrong and feel free to leave us your comments on who is on your team 
American League
C Joe Mauer
C Jason Castro
P Max Scherzer
1B Chris Davis
1B Prince Fielder
P Chris Sale
2B Dustin Pedoria
2B Robinson Cano
P Bartolo Colon
SS Jhonny Peralta
2B Jason Kipnis
P Matt Moore
3B Miguel Cabrera
SS JJ Hardy
P Felix Hernandez
OF Mike Trout
3B Manny Machado
P Yu Darvish
OF Adam Jones
3B Josh Donaldson
P Hisashi Iwakuma
OF Nelson Cruz
3B Adrian Beltre
P Mariano Rivera
DH David Ortiz
OF Jose Bautista
P Joe Nathan

OF Alex Gordon
P Grant Balfour

OF Jacoby Ellsbury
P Glen Perkins

DH Edwin Encarnacion
P Jesse Crain*

P Clay Bucholtz*

At first glance, I would say my team mirrors team that was picked by fans, players and coaches.  Josh Donaldson was the biggest snub of the All-Star game, hands down and he makes my team as a back up third basemen.  Third Base is deep in the American League as I was struggling to try to find a way to get Evan Longoria on my roster as well.  Adrian Beltre makes my roster because, well, I think he is a badass.  Jacoby Ellsbury is a stud and makes my roster as well.  He has battled injuries the past few years, but he is back performing this year and leading the majors in stolen bases. 

I am a Torii Hunter fan, but he does not deserve the selection ahead of Ellsbury in my opinion.  Now, I only put 2 catchers on my roster because I did not feel that Salvador Perez had the counting numbers to deserve the selection.   The pitchers were pretty easy for me and although I do not agree with middle relievers making the roster, but Jesse Crain has had the best season a middle reliever could have.  

Clay Bucholtz also makes my roster.  Both are sidelined by injuries so my replacements would have to be Justin Verlander and Brett Cecil.  Justin Masterson is the pitcher I left off for the Matt Moore.  I think this is a fair trade off and Matt Moore deserves the nod ahead of Masterson.

National League
C Yadier Molina
C Buster Posey
SP Matt Harvey
1B Joey Votto
1B Paul Goldschmidt
P Travis Wood 
2B Brandon Phillips
1B Freddie Freeman
P Adam Wainwright
SS Jean Segura
2B Matt Carpenter
P Cliff Lee
3B David Wright
SS Ian Desmond
P Jordan Zimmermann
OF Carlos Gonzalez
SS Troy Tulowitzki
P Clayton Kershaw
OF Carlos Beltran
SS Everth Cabrera
P Jose Fernandez
OF Carlos Gomez
3B Pedro Alvarez
P Mat Latos

OF Starling Marte
P Patrick Corbin

OF Andrew McCutchen
P Craig Kimbrel

OF Jay Bruce
P Jason Grilli

OF Dominic Brown
P Rafael Soriano

OF Michael Cuddyer
P Aroldis Chapman

The National League roster gave me some troubles.  Personally, I feel that the National League is the deeper of the two leagues and even has the younger talent.  My starters are almost a mirror image, but I replace Carlos Gomez over Bryce Harper.  Harper is a stud, but I do not feel he has the credentials to make the squad this year.  

Freddie Freeman is a young stud and an RBI machine.  He makes my squad because he is one of my man crushes.  Dominic Brown makes my roster due to their hot starts and Michael Cuddyer and his hit streak squeeze onto my roster.  The loan reprsentative from the Marlins is Jose Fernandez by default along with Travis Wood of the Cubs and Everth Cabrera from the Padres.  Starling Marte is my guy and I feel he really deserves to the nod over Justin Upton for me.  He brings a ton of speed to the National League lineup along with some pop.   

Let the debates begin.  As always, we welcome questions and comments.  Don;'t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.