Monday, August 12, 2013

Miggy vs Mo

It was the type of matchup that baseball fans drool over.  A legendary closer, the best of all-time on his farewell tour matches up against the greatest hitter in the game, limping and clearly hurt.  If this was a game in October it would make the annuals of baseball history alongside other memorable moments like Gibson-Eckersley.  Since it wasn't it will just have to be perhaps my most memorable moment by a Tiger in a loss.   

The fact that Detroit would go on to lose does nothing to damper the moment.  It was beautiful to watch and every honest fan in the stadium will admit it.  

The hottest team in baseball comes to the Big Apple to face a reeling Bronx squad on perhaps their last legs.  Down 3-1, the best hitter in baseball steps in.  The greatest closer ever tries to stop the bleeding.  Two out.  Almost pops out on the first pitch.  Down 0-2 in the count.  Tweaks something.  Limping badly.  Trainer comes out.  Manager comes out.  Shakes it off.  Fouls away pitch after pitch.  One massive swing.  It's out of here.  Tie ballgame.  

Stuff of legends.  Epic.  

Dang, I love baseball.