Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Hot Stove Wrap Up 11/19

Quote of the Day

"To win it all, they're just like me. They don't know what it feels like.  If there's no failure, there's no progress. These guys are hungry for it." 

~ Torii Hunter on why he decided to sign with the Detroit Tigers

Gobble, gobble.  It's Thanksgiving Week and after a off-day Sunday, I'm back today (for better or worse) to kick off this week's baseball news in the Daily Hot Stove Wrap Up for Monday, November 19th.  In today's episode, we've got   another managerial candidate for Toronto, find out if the Met's are crazy enough to trade R.A. Dickey, find out Juan Pierre's new team, and why all of the Boston Red Sox may soon be hitting like this:

In celebration of this Thanksgiving week, I'll also name what I'm thankful for in baseball, a Cleveland Indians firesale (?) and of course our daily Josh Hamilton rumor.  Enjoy.    

  • Juan Pierre, everyone's favorite spindly, skinny base runner has found a home with....the Miami Marlins?  The now 35-year-old (holy s***, is he really that old already?) outfielder will earn $1.6 million for a one year deal.  Fact: Juan Pierre would have to double his steals from last season (35) to equal the amount of SBs that Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio had combined last season (70).  I hope he's got the green light in his return to Miami.  
  • The word around the street in Toronto is that the Blue Jays have asked to speak to Mike Hargrove, eh.  Hargrove is probably best known for leading the Indians to the 1995 and 1997 World Series and also as manager for the Mariners and Orioles.  Whatever makes you happy Toronto.  I still think that Jim Tracy would be great, but until they call in Jack McKeon to interview, none of the rumored names will surprise me.  
  • The Chicago Cubs have re-signed reliever Shawn Camp to a one-year deal.  Camp was decent out of the bullpen and was tied in the MLB in appearances this year.  Yay, Cubs.  
  • The Giants have made it officially and re-signed pitcher Jeremy Affeldt to a three-year deal worth about $18 million.  I guess guys that sport 2.70 ERAs with an almost 60% ground-ball rate get paid.  Is it too late to learn how to throw a sinker-ball as my new hobby?
  • Marlin's have claimed reliever Scott Maine off waivers from the Blue Jays. Someone really needs to inform the Marlin's front office that claiming relievers with 6.08 ERA's from a team is not the right way to get back at them for completely hosing you in the Johnson/Reyes/Buerhle and co. trade.  
  • It looks like the Cleveland Indians are waving the white flag before pitchers and catchers report this season, by making their arguably two most talented players left available for a trade.  Both SS Asdrubal Cabrera and OF Shin-Shoo Choo are either available for front-line pitching or part of Terry Francona's new secret Italian conspiracy to export all ethnic diversity from the roster.  Apparently the Indian's management realizes they won't compete this year against the Tigers and White Sox and are holding an early fire sale this year.  Good business move.  
  • Pirates have signed OF Felix Pie to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.  Cubs fans may remember Pie as the once highly touted prospect who never panned out.  Also an ex-Oriole.  Pie will have to grow dreadlocks and do his best Andrew McCutchen impression in order to get any decent playing time in a stacked Pirates outfield.  

  • It's Brewers, Rangers, Phillies, Braves, Orioles and Red Sox interested in Josh Hamiton in no particular order and depending on who you listen to.  Don't be surprised if a darkhorse candidate jumps in there but my gut still tells me Josh Hamilton will be a Ranger to start next season.  
  • The Met's want a "monster package" for RA Dickey according to the New York Daily News even after his incredible 2012 season that saw the knuckleballer win the NL Cy Young.  The Met's continue to act like the evil villain who try to cash in on every nice thing that happens.  And really Mets, what kind of "monster package" do you honest want for a 38-year-old pitcher?  (I realized that last sentence had so much innuendo in it and I'm okay with that)
  • Blue Jays-Marlins trade is officially official by the way after almost a week delay by commissioner Selig who reportedly "wasn't pleased" with the Marlins.  But c'mon, this is a guy who needed almost a half-hour to call the 2002 All-Star Game a tie, so how long do you think his actual "real" decisions take?  
  • And lastly the Red Sox have interviewed Craig Counsell for their vacancy as hitting coach so look for everyone in the lineup to look like this: 

It's gonna be sweet!

And finally....

Thanksgiving Week What I'm Thankful For (in baseball)

Detroit is proving that small-market teams can compete with a little dedication

Mike Ilitch, owner. Detroit Tigers

Last week I got to watch and write about all 600 Miami Marlins fans left in South Beach and their reaction to last week's news of the blockbuster trade that sent, well, you can just click here to get a quick recap of all the players involved in the trade.

Witnessing the constant mismanagement of the Marlins and imagining a world where Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Austin Jackson, and Alex Avila (to compare to my team) were all traded in one off-season makes me wince.  No team's fan base deserves that, not even a team without a fan base.   

Which brings me to Mr. Ilitch.  In addition to what Mr. Ilitch has done for the city of Detroit (a city that has obviously gone through some hard times) as a philanthropist and a leader in the community, Ilitch has recognized what the Tigers mean to the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan.  Because of this, he has emerged as the anti-Jeffrey Loria and has opened up his wallet to make the Tigers competitive.  

Watching exciting players like Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio head off to Canada while the pricey, mostly-taxpayer funded stadium in Miami will have to suffer through the likes of a re-building season make me sad fo tthankful the Tiger's have an owner who basically says, "screw the luxury tax, we are going to compete."  

I hope that the aging Mr. Ilitch will be able to see his dedication and generousity rewarded in the form of a World Series title in the near future.  

For today's Hot Stove Update, see ya all tomorrow guys.  Thanks for reading, share with your friends and I'll continue to share Kate Upton photos with you.  


Later dudes