Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daily Hot Stove Wrap Up 12/1

Quote of the Day:

"We've only talked about their client's amazing beard"

"We've talked.  Nothing formal though..." 

-- Reds GM Walt Jocketty (on his conversations with Angel Pagans agents.)  

So what exactly constitutes as formal?  Does Mr. Jockett call agents to chat about politics?  The weather?  

I'm back after a short break and raise your hand if anyone is amazed it's already December.  There's only 21 more days until the world ends so let's get to today's Hot Stove Update.  

  • RP Burke Badenhop has been traded to the Brewers.  Badenhop was a decent reliever last year for the Rays and is probably most notable for being one of the players involved in the Miguel Cabrera trade to Detroit.  Now he goes to the 4-1-4 for minor league OF Raul Mondesi Jr.  And yes, he is the son of that Raul Mondesi.  Or should I say, this Raul Mondesi....
Before Aramis Ramirez, there was Raul Mondesi
  • Speaking of Raul Mondesi, the senior Mondesi has done well for himself after his playing career.  The former Gold Glove outfielder is serving as mayor of his home in the San Cristobal province in the Dominican Republic.  
  • After losing out on B.J. Upton who signed with the Braves, the Phillies are aggressively pursing Angel Pagan.  Though don't expect them to beat out the Reds if Walt Jocketty calls Pagan's agents regularly with "nothing formal" to talk about.
  • Cubs surprised everyone today by out-bidding both the LA teams and signing Japanese closer Kyuji Fujikawa.  Since every Japanese player that's played on the Cubs always turns out so well...
    UPDATE: The deal will be worth $9.2 million over two years.  
  • And this is about the time of the year where the Cubs annually shop OF Alfonso Soriano.  It could be tricky given Soriano's massively overpaid contract and full-no trade clause but the Cubs may be willing to throw in some cash or a case of Old Style  to sweeten the deal and given that Jonny Gomes just got $5 million to ride the Red Sox bench, Soriano may not be as expensive as everyone thinks.  
  • Oh yeah, C Russell Martin signed a two-year deal with the Pirates for $17 million.  Am I the only one who loves it when Pittsburgh outbids the Yankees?

  • Cardinals looking to sign LH Sean Burnett but don't expect the Nationals to let him go without a serious offer of their own. 

  • Last night was the last night teams had to make a contract offer to free agents and here's a few of some of the notable players that were non-tendered (in no particular order):

  1.  P John Lannon - Lannon wasn't with the National's much last season despite a $5 million salary but decent leftys are hard to find.  If there's a phrase that sums up Lannon, it is "decent lefty."  
  2. C Geovany Soto - Once a former Cubbie and a Wrigley favorite, Soto has struggled to find the groove that made him the Rookie of the Year in 2008, ironically the last time the Cubs were good.  Still, he's only 29 and quality catching is hard to find.  He will have a job with a major league team next season.  
  3. 1B/3B Mark Reynolds - Mr. Swing-for-the-Fence-every-time is only a season removed from a 37 home run season in 2011.  He hit some big dingers for the Orioles during their surprising postseason run and will get serious looks from squads.  WARNING: His defense and fielding is atrocious.  
  4. P Jair Jurrjens - Only 26 but already signs that his body is breaking down having made several trips to the DL in the past two seasons and spending most of 2012 at Triple A.  Still only 26. Still had a 2.96 ERA in 152 innings in 2011. Still will get a look from a major league team.
  5. RP Brian Wilson - I guess he's pissed as hell that he was non-tendered by a team that he helped lead to a World Series title in 2010.  To be fair to the Giants, he's coming off his second Tommy John.  The beard will be playing somewhere else besides the Bay and even if he's not close to his All-Star caliber form, Wilson remains a hilarious clubhouse presence (in a good way, not a Manny Ramirez way) and a marketable player with that dang beard. 

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Hasta manana beisbol ventilas!