Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Marlins/Toronto Blue Jays

Glad to be back baseball fans and what better way to make a splash into my off-season moves opinions than with the monster of them all, involving the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays.

The blockbuster trade of the off-season has gotten a lot of attention from everyone inside and outside of the baseball world.  Many feel the Miami Marlins have lied to players, fans and the everyone involved in the game of baseball.  Miami owner Jeffery Loria has made a joke of the Miami organization.  I tend to agree with that, but Loria has won a World Series, so something in me thinks he might know what he is doing, even though in the short term it makes him look like an idiot.  Miami will have a hard time keeping the few fans they did have if Loria keeps up his shenanigans, but let's take a little deeper look at the pieces involved in the trade.

Toronto Blue Jays Receive: Shortstop Jose Reyes (age 29)
                                          Starting Pitcher Mark Buehrle (age 33)
                                          Starting Pitcher Josh Johnson (age 28)
                                          Catcher John Buck (age 32)
                                          Outfielder Emilio Bonifacio (age 27)
                     Total Salary $163.75 Million

Miami Marlins Receive:  Shortstop Yunel Escobar (age 30)
                                     Shortstop Andeiny Hechavarria (age 23)
                                     Pitcher Herderson Alvarez (age 22)
                                     Pitcher Anthony DeSclafani (age 22)
                                     Pitcher Justin Nicolino (age 21)
                                     Catcher Jeff Mathis (age 29)
                                     Outfielder Jake Marisnick (age 21) 

Jose Reyes- Reyes is an all-star shortstop.  There is no doubt about it he is the best player involved in this trade.  However, Reyes has been aging and aging fast and has battled leg injuries over the past few seasons.  I can see that there some risk for the Blue Jays with his knees could be an issue going forward.  Don't get me wrong, Reyes will probably be great for the Blue Jays.

Mark Buehrle- As a White Sox fan, I feel bad for Buehrle after being lied to by Loria.  Buehrle is an aging pitcher who is one of the most consistent lefties in baseball.  He is good for 200 innings year in and year out.  The AL East will pose a new challenge for Mark, but I think he will be good and can fit into the Blue Jays rotation with the likes of Morrow, Drabek, Romero and Johnson.  

Josh Johnson- Josh Johnson is a talent.  he has also struggled with injuries, but when healthy, Johnson is great.  He will step right in the rotation for the Blue Jays and provide some experience and depth.

John Buck- Just an average catcher.  A name people know, but just another guy.

Emilio Bonifacio- Missed time last year due to injury, but when healthy is FAST FAST FAST.  He could steal 80 bases if healthy and will be a good fit at the top of the line up or bottom of the line up depending on where new manager John Gibbons puts Bonifacio in the line up.

Yunel Escobar- Was flipped to the Tampa Rays for infielder Derek Dietrich.

Andeiny Hechavarria- The shortstop of the future in Miami.  At age 23, plenty of upside for the young infielder.

Henderson Alvarez- Will step into the rotation for the Marlins after a strong rookie year in Toronto.  Will be with Miami for a long time if he performs.

Jeff Mathis- Just another catcher, former Angel back stop, but nothing too special.

Anthony DeSclafani- 22 year old pitcher with plenty of upside.  Could be a stud in the future.

Justin Nicolino- Another upside guy, could be a middle of the rotation guy from years to come after he makes the big club.

Jake Marisnick- Power upside, highest ceiling of all involved in trade.  Could be LF of the future for the Marlins.

Winner- Toronto Blue Jays, obviously for the next 3 years the Blue Jays got the better end of the deal with major league talent.  Actually, major league talent probably isn't doing the players involved justice, the Blue Jays for all-star talent and for the next 3-5 years should be able to compete in the vaunted AL East.  I am not sure this trade puts them over the Yankees and Rays, especially the Rays, but they should be able to compete for a playoff spot.  Once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen!  If the prospects the Marlins got pan out, in 7 years, this trade could be one that people talk about in favor of the Marlins.  The Marlins also were able to dump a lot of payroll and could use this money in the free agent market in the future. HA! Who am I kidding, they will acquire a bunch of guys and just trade them anyways!  Just remember, any player is one injury away to making this trade flip in favor of the other team.