Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Best Fans in Baseball...

When you live in a city that is most known for their watered-down beer, has a football team whose best player is Danny Amendola, and their most famous building looks like they tried to build a giant, silver McDonalds but ran out of money halfway through building it, chances are that the residents of that city will turn to baseball to forget about the miserable, muggy summers.  

For whatever reason, the rest of America has unanimously decided to crown the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals "The best fans in baseball."  Look, I have nothing against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Their fans are generally more insightful, intelligent and thoughtful than most fan bases.  

My late grandfather was a die-hard Cardinals fan.  I learned everything I needed to know about the Rule 5 Draft from a Cardinals fan.  Cardinals fans have generally been pleasant and polite whenever I run across them.  

But I'm not sure why Cardinals fans got the title of "Baseball's Best Fans."  What about the Mets?  Or the Yankees?  Or the Marlins?  Okay, there aren't any Marlins fans.  But let's not confuse 'passion' with 'fandom.'  

The truth is that there are just as many witless, offensive, prick dummies that cheer for the Cardinals as any other team.  Except their a**holes are the best a**holes in baseball.  While my Redbird friends may never forgive me, the hot baseball Twitter exposes why social media is both the best and worst thing ever invented.  

Thanks to a brave individual who decided to simply retweet all of the tweets sent by "the best fans in baseball," it turns out that the St. Louis Cardinals fans are just like the rest of us.  

So go ahead, follow @BestFansStLouis 

Here are a few sample excerpts.  Raise your hand if you've seen something similar from your own fan base in the comments section of the Chicago Sun-Times sports section.  Just replace "Matt Holiday" with "Alfonso Soriano." 

Pretty smart, huh?  

And just so I can't be accused of hating on the Cardinals, here's some excerpts from @FacebookCubs (which is just comments from the Chicago Cubs Facebook Page) just to show that the less intelligent segments of two rival fan bases are just 300 miles on I-55 apart in distance and probably even closer in their standardized test scores.

Good thing none of them will probably ever read this.