Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas and the Full Count has gifts!


Hopefully everyone is enjoying a pleasant and peaceful Christmas Day.  The presents have all been unwrapped, family is done enjoying a hearty meal and I personally am working on my 4th glass of eggnog which is kind of like drinking alcoholic pancake batter.

We didn't forget about you though and we definitely didn't forget about baseball.  If you just stumbled across our site and missed out on some of the recaps, I know if you're like me, your attention span will only see the occasional Hot Stove Update or a hot picture of Kate Upton.

DON'T KEEP BROWSING.  The Internet is full of "professional" baseball websites that only tell you what you already know about your favorite teams, key free agent signings and blockbuster trades.  If you're tired of stats, stats, names, and stats, I give you a Christmas gift from everyone at the Full Count to you...

A list of all our transaction reviews and our 2012 team recaps sure to keep your Christmas full of baseball from a different perspective (aka humorous and highly biased).  We ain't getting paid so we give our honest analysis and now that Aunt Kay has broken out the piano and singing carols.  Take your laptop to the kitchen and catch up on everything that we've covered this off-season.

From Winter Meetings to big trades, we've got it here (and super-conveniently hyper-linked, for the technologically challenged and the lazy-in-heart).  Enjoy and Merry Christmas once again.

AL East

NL East